IT Management courses

Some course tips and what I’ve completed so far. I starred the ones that took me a couple days (minus the procrastinating).

Please note I have experience in some areas, so I was able to finish some of these courses quickly. So far the longest class was English Comp II due to procrastinating and evaluating taking 3-4 days, so around 8 days.

There will be some videos coming soon with more info.

Pre-Assessment (Pre-A – practice exam), Objective Assessment (OA – final exam), Performance Assessment (PA – paper)


C715 Organizational Behavior** – watched the quiz videos to understand how to answer questions, took the pre-a, read chapters for weak areas I missed, watched the long-form videos for quick review, took the pre-a again then the OA

C168 Critical Thinking and Logic** – took pre-a first, watched all videos except practice sets, took pre-a again, then took OA next day

C456 English Composition II – (PA) join the live cohorts for help; reach out to your assigned CI and send them your drafts; download the template for task 1 and use it as your guide; choose a simple topic that you’re for or against and find 8-10 sources related to your topic; my paper wasn’t long enough so I would use this comment as your guide and you should be good to go. My paper was about remote work and I got an Excellence Award FTW!

C483 Principles of Management** – take the pre-a first, review the videos and terms, then take OA. Some terms were from c715 org behavior

D100 Introduction to Spreadsheets** – probably the easiest class! Watch the videos first to learn how to use MyEducator. Take pre-a, review tasks completed, and on the D100 course page, scroll to the bottom to course info to view results. (FYI – make sure you put the charts and graphs in the correct highlighted section or that whole part will be marked wrong) Take the OA. The OA is almost the same as PA but with different values


D075 Information Technology Management Essentials** – this will also be done in MyEducator. Took the pre-a, reviewed weak areas and key terms, took pre-a again, then OA

C720 Operations and Supply Chain Management – this was the hardest class for me because it wasn’t as organized and current as the other ones, and the text was TMI. So I watched all videos on the course resources page, took lots of notes, did all math quizzes, then took the pre-a. I reviewed the weak areas and did all the unit quizzes in the course material, and then took OA (80 questions, I bookmarked long math problems to solve later)

C724 Information Systems Management** – attended the live cohort, took notes from the recorded cohort slides instead of watching videos, took pre-a, reviewed weak areas, took OA

C175 Data Management – Foundations – this course took me about a week because it was all over the place. You had to watch LinkedIn Learning videos, YouTube videos, and go through the eBook and PDFs for more info. Had to search for some extra videos to go over things that didn’t click, like normalization.
Videos to watch (in no order): Programming Foundations, Quick Start Guide to SQL, Dr. Soper Database Lessons playlist, C175 WGU playlist (this one was very helpful). I watched the first 3 and then took the pre-a after this because I didn’t know what was important to know. I got approaching competency on the pre-a, so I watched the C175 WGU playlist, reviewed the PDFs, and went through zybooks. There’s a lot of text to read in zybooks, so I would go to the zybooks material then click view content explorer to review the key terms. I took the practice tests after the review then took the the OA


D082 Emotional and Cultural Intelligence (PA)

D081 Innovative and Strategic Thinking (PA)

C179 Business of IT – Applications (PA)

D077 Concepts in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Contact (OA)

D196 Principles of Financial and Managerial Accounting (OA)


C464 Introduction to Communication (OA, PA)

C955 Applied Probability and Statistics (OA)

D079 Business Environment Applications II: Process, Logistics, and Ops (PA)

D080 Managing in a Global Business Environment (OA)

C721 Change Management (PA)

C232 Introduction to Human Resource Management (OA)

D253 Values-Based Leadership (PA)


C234 Workforce Planning: Recruitment and Selection (OA, PA)

D361 Business Simulation (PA)

C236 Compensation and Benefits (OA, PA)

C233 Employment Law (OA)

C723 Quantitative Analysis for Business (OA)

PFIT Business – IT Management Portfolio Requirement (PA)

QFT1 Business – IT Management Capstone Project (PA)

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